How to Save Social Security

How to Save Social Security

March 24, 2005

When Social Security was invented in the 1930s the retirement age was intentionally set higher than the average life span (the government actually copied the 65 number from the plan that had been implemented in the Weimar Republic to great acclaim).

Here’s the problem. There were 40 workers for every old guy then. Today there are 16. When all the deserving baby boomers have retired, including me, there will be less than two workers per old guy.

My plan is simple. I call it Man-On-Man Social Security. In the year 2025, when a kid graduates from high school, we will give him a diploma and assign him a personal old guy. He will have to take the old guy home, feed him, take him on walks and so forth until he dies.

Of course my kids would shoot the old guy and go directly to the beach.

Moral: The only solution that will work is raising the retirement age. Or, as an alternative, feeding retired people Big Macs until they explode.


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John Rutledge

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