Progress & Freedom Foundation

Progress & Freedom Foundation

August 29, 2005

I am happy to say that last week I joined the board of directors of The Progress & Freedom Foundation. You can read PFF’s full press relese here.

PFF is a market-oriented think tank in Washington, DC that focuses on public policy issues in information technology, including the communications, intellectual property, e-commerce, energy, competition, and regulatory issues that I believe are so important for growth.

I have known the people at PFF for some time through my good friend Jeff Eisenach, one of PFF’s founders in 1993. They do absolutely first class work.

I also serve on the Advisory Committee for PFF’s Digital Age Communications Act Project (DACA).

PFF also hosts the annual Aspen Summit each August, where they bring together an extraordinary group of CEOs, thinkers, and policy makers to debate digital policy issues.

I will keep you posted on PFF activities as they occur.


John Rutledge

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