Email Distribution for Rutledge Blog Subscribers

Email Distribution for Rutledge Blog Subscribers

October 6, 2005

I have changed the distribution service that we use to notify our Rutledge Blog subscribers when I post an article from “Bloglet” to “Feedblitz.”. As you will see beginning tomorrow, the new format is much more reader-friendly, with improved titles and even such sophisticated features as separate paragraphs. We hope very soon to make another, final, change in the format of the emails to make them more visually compatible with the blog. I believe the change will make the blog more readable and more useful for everyone. As always, the blog will remain free to anyone who subscribes, so tell your friends and colleagues to subscribe. And, as always, I won’t give subscribers’ email addresses to anyone, period. You shouldn’t have to do anything to make the switch; it should be automatic. If you have a problem please let me know at

The only hitch will be for subscribers who choose to subscribe as “anonymous”, because the new service was not able to pick up their email addresses from Bloglet. This will cause problems for 16 people out of some 6000 subscribers. If you are one of them, simply go to the blog and re-enter your email address in the “subscribe me!” box, or send me your email address and I will do it for you. And thanks for reading and sending your comments.


John Rutledge

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