Word Flu

Word Flu

December 3, 2005

Loyal Rutledge Blog subscribers, please accept my apology for the long radio silence. Apparently, on my last trip to northern China, I contacted a severe case of the Word Flu. I have been able to get plenty of words out of my mouth, as the people I have been meeting with will tell you, but I have not been able to convince the words to make the long journey from my brain to my fingers so they can make the long, lonely jump to the keyboard.

This dreaded disease strikes me when I exceed my time zone limit of changing time zones 30 times in a month, or when there are too many weird ideas competing for room in my brain at the same time. Guilty on both counts.

I have been treating my Word Flu by eating a large bowl of alphabet soup every two hours. I think I’m OK now. Good thing, too. I have lots of things for us to think about. Will send them as short separate posts this weekend.


John Rutledge

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