Forbes on Fox this Weekend

Forbes on Fox this Weekend

December 30, 2005

I just got off the phone from an inverview with my friend Dan Frishberg at BIZ Radio 1320. Dan told his viewers that I was the only thing in America that has appeared more on cable TV than Janet Jackson’s left breast. I told Dan I was guilty as charged, but that at least I was all REAL.

To prove Dan is right, tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 11AM EST I will be a guest on the Forbes on Fox show on Fox News with David Asman, Jim Michaels, Rich Karlgaard, and my friends at Forbes. Tomorrow we will discuss Iraq, tax policy, and the sectors to look for in 2006.

I offered to expose my left breast for the show but my friend Jim Michaels offered to pay me $5 to drop the idea. Hey, I’m an economist. I took the money.

The show airs at different times across the US, so best to check the local time. Hope you are able to catch the show.


John Rutledge

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