137 million Internet Users in China

137 million Internet Users in China

February 6, 2007 0 Comments

On January 23, 2007, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) published “the 19th Statistical Survey Report on Internet Development in China“.

The report shows that by the end of 2006, the Internet users in China reached 137 million, accounting for 10.5% of China’s population. The Internet penetration in Beijing exceeded 30% for the first time. The total amount of domain names in China increased remarkably. Over 1.8 million .CN domain names had been registered. The registration increased 64.4% in just one year. 75.9% of Chinese Internet users or 104 million people use broadband connections that include xDSL, Cable Modem and leased line. The scale of mobile phone Internet users has also expanded with the total number reached 17 million. Comparing to the same period last year, China’s Internet users increased by 26 million. The growth rate was 24.3% compared with (18.1%) in 2005.

Total domain names in China now touched 4,109,020, which is 1.16 million more than 6 months ago, averaged at 200 thousand net additions per month. The .CN domain name reached 1,803,393, which are 706,469 or 64.4% greater than the same period last year. The .CN today ranks fourth among all ccTLDs and brings China’s Internet into the .CN era.

By the end of 2006, China has 4.47 billion webpages and 122,306 GB of webpage contents, the annual growth rates of these two are 86.3% and 81.7% respectively. Along with vast growth of these domestic Internet resources, the total websites and IPv4 addresses in China also grow rapidly and reached 843 thousand and 98 million respectively.

China is making massive investments in its communications network so that China’s companies can compete in the high-paying global market for professional services. The opening of China’s capital markets on December 5 means that US financial companies are now able to set up shop in China. It also means that Chinese companies are now free to grow by selling information services to customers around the world.

The country with the most advanced information networks will drive productivity and costs in the coming decades. We are ahead for now, but they are investing more and growing faster. We need government policies that encourage new investments in infrastructure. It is the central nervous system for the entire economy.


John Rutledge


  1. Olga

    February 6, 2007

    Dr Rutledge,

    Congrudalations on your Honorary Professor appointment!

    wow, recently, you've updated your blog so frequently that I almost can't catch up with you~~~ :)

    That night I watched the programme you recommeded,Forbes on Fox. Because of time difference, the grogramme was broacased on 11:30 PM around in Beijing, I had to stay up late but I think this is worthy it. All of your debaters made good points.

    By the way, as in China we can't receive the foreign tv channels directly, I wathced this programme by use of a wonderful software:TVU Player, the following is its website,http://www.tvunetworks.com/

    If you'd like, you may tell your other chinese friends to download this software and then they may also watch the programme with your participatition. :)


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