Defense Spending Comparison

Defense Spending Comparison

March 23, 2007 0 Comments

It is fashionable today to talk about the China Threat. This was especially true 2 weeks ago when China released its new budget showing a big percent increase in defense spending. Thought you might like to see the real numbers. U.S. spending towers over everyone, including China, which will spend $45 billion this year, about one-fifteenth as much as we do.

It is true that China is growing very large in many ways and that China’s growth is something we should not ignore. And it is true that China’s interests are not our own, just like all the other countries. Maybe we should use this time to get better acquainted. Just a thought.


2005 defense spending

Country Comparisons

John Rutledge


  1. Joe

    March 24, 2007

    Really enjoy your blog & appearances on Kudlow, etc. Saw one where the China/defense spending topic came up. There is some value to such "macro" information, however as a one who spent some time in the military.... it's far more important what the monies are spent on. The US buys lots of very sexy, very expensive weapons. But here is a truism from a poster found in very prestigious USAF Ready Room..... The picture is of a Soviet T-72 tank with it's commander visible atop it's turret....
    "It doesn't matter if you shoot down all the Migs in the sky, if when you land there's a T-72 sitting at the end of your runway...." [paraphrased]
    China doesn't need sexy weapons to affect it's plans in their region of the world, just a lot of bullets and rifles. Which are relatively very inexpensive...
    I agree that China isnt a military problem yet, but, because I like you, I'd like to see the data supporting your position having a higher Pk [military speak for "probability of a kill"]
    Take care & thanks for the blogs et. al.

    Dear Joe,
    Thank you for your email. I really appreciate your voice of experience. Your point is on target. I think we both agree that what we need is more thinking and less emotions when considering the impact of global developments. Thanks for reading and commenting on the blog and for watching our work on CNBC and Fox.
    Warm regards,

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