Human capital and ethnic self-identification of immigrants

Human capital and ethnic self-identification of immigrants

March 2, 2008 0 Comments

I read a buttload (technical term) of technical journals to see what the guys in the white coats are coming up with. (you can sign up for free to have the contents and abstracts of hundreds of journals delivered to your inbox by ScienceDirect.Today’s harvest included Applied Thermal Engineering (with page turners like A nonlinear nonconvex minimum total heat transfer area formulation for ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) systems), Brain and Cognition, NeuroscienceAgricultural Sciences in China, and Journal of Asian Economics. The following article I ran across in Economic Letters caught my attention.

Titled Brain and Culture. Wexler is a Yale Psychiatry Professor and Director of the Neurocognitive Research Lab at the Connecticut Mental Health Center. He does a great job reviewing the brain science behind cultural conflicts. I will write more on this later when I write about a fascinating new computational neurology book. It is an important topic. We can’t stop these conflicts until we understand them.


John Rutledge


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