John Rutledge Twitter Posts on 2009-02-26

John Rutledge Twitter Posts on 2009-02-26

February 26, 2009 0 Comments
  • Number of Hawaii tourists declines. Was in Maui yesterday. Could have rolled bowling ball down Front Street Lahaina w/o hitting tourist. #
  • FYI, my new book on a framework for understanding the global financial crisis. #
  • Great chart of real home prices from my friend Scott Grannis. #
  • New Railfax chart on shipments-could be worse. Great data source. #
  • weekly initial unemployment claims 667,000, 4-week moving average was 639,000. Labor market still getting worse. #
  • New orders for manufactured durable goods in Jan -5.2% from Dec. Overall shipments -3.7%. cap goods shipments -2.6%. Inventories -0.8%. #
  • Federal Reserve Board press release t oday-Written agreement with Cape Fear Bank. Great name for a bank! #
  • Background facts on who is payng federal taxes. to help interpret today’s budget message. Great chart. #
  • Big banks get ready for White House stress tests. Bend over,… #
  • In today’s Washington Post. Technology: “A Food Blog With a Washington Flavor. ” PORK? #
  • Nevada Assembly approves tax hike for hotel rooms. Do these guys have a death wish? Empty hotel rooms dont pay taxes! #
  • Colo. House tentatively OKs plan to raise car fees. Well, it is true that cars don’t vote. #
  • Support builds for higher NY income tax on wealthy. No problem, they will just move across the border in Conn. Idiots. #
  • J.M. Smucker 3Q profit rises 84 percent. Looks like people are just staying home eating jelly. #
  • Wash. gov’s plan to cap emissions faces challenges. No, don’t worry Governor! With no economic activity there are no emimssions to cap. #
  • Wash. gov’s plan to cap emissions faces challenges #
  • New funding program announced for Brit athletes. A JOCK STIMULUS program? #
  • Wis. governor reviews high-speed rail in Spain. If my state was in as bad a condition as his I would go to Spain too. #
  • Utility cutoffs in NY jumped 19 percent in 2008. Good indicator of household cash. #
  • Saks reports 4th-quarter loss as affluent cut back. Everybody is cutting back. Stay away from retail stocks. #
  • Crain’s Small Business site. Pretty good stuff. Come see our Fox Bus call in show for entreps Sat 1-2PM EST. #
  • Agencies to begin forward-looking economic assessments. This is a big deal. Means they are going to tighten screws more. #
  • S&P takes Jones Apparel Group off of S&P 500. S&P 500 gonna be S&P 100 by the time this is over. (Like my 201k account) #
  • Entreps find upside in home-based business. Good article for startups. Watch our Fox Bus entrep show Sat 1-2PM EST #
  • Northeast posts 22 pct January home sales drop. Eye of hurricane for bank layoffs. Big drops still to come-espec. jumbos. #
  • Global IT spending seen up 0.5 percent in 2009. My God! A positive number. Oh, I have missed you so much! #
  • Bernanke again spurns talk of bank nationalization. Keep spurning Ben. You may have finally found something that works. #
  • Nobel economist’s financial firm files for Ch. 11. Modern Portfolio Theory has done even more harm than Macroeconomics. #
  • Home sales sink unexpectedly, lowest since 1997. Unexpectedly? #
  • Have posted on YouTube a short video I took at the Middle School for Gifted Students in Pyongyang, North Korea. Enjoy. #

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