John Rutledge Twitter Posts on 2009-03-04

John Rutledge Twitter Posts on 2009-03-04

March 4, 2009 0 Comments
  • Understaffed Geithner can’t keep up, critics say. (At what point was he actually ‘up’)? #
  • Pa. gov. promises stimulus cash will be well-spent. HA HA HA HA HA. If you want $ well spent ask my daughter Elizabeth’s help-she can shop #
  • Missouri biofuels plant owner files for bankruptcy. That’s what happens when bus set up based on govt subsidies. They don’t survive. #
  • Obama nominates friend, adviser to head FCC. Oh great, another friend. #
  • Failure worries drag down life insurers. It’ll do t hat. #
  • Feb ISM Mfg Index chart. Beetter tha Q4 but long way to go back to growth. #
  • Feb ISM Service index Chart. Pretty decent bounce from Q4. $$ #
  • Feb Manufacturing ISM PMI 35.8%, NONE of the 18 manufacturing industries reported growth. #
  • Feb Non-Manufacturing ISM, 41.6% (GDP still shrinking) Subindexes; Bus Activity 40.2%, New Orders 40.7%, Jobs 37.3%. #
  • Link to my book Road Warrior Framework uses thermodynamics, network theory to understand econ & finance. $$ #
  • RT @connellmcshane: Good TV: Stuart Varney debates Rep. DeFazio on taxing stock trading? Trust me, it’s worth it: $$ #
  • @triveraguy Exactly. Global growth makes commodities expensive, including oil. But it also makes poor people eat, and stock prices go up. in reply to triveraguy #
  • FDIC’s Bair warns on bank deposit insurance fund. Thanks for scaring people again, dumb ass. #
  • Services sector shrank in Feb., 5th straight month. Service sector especially vulnerable to bank job cuts and to diff getting working cap. #
  • Verizon (VZ) today declared qtly dividend 46 cents per share, same as last qtr, +7% from last year. I own a bunch, like business & stock #
  • UBS exec apologizes for breaking U.S. tax laws. How gentlemanly of him. #
  • Oil rises above $45 as inventories fall. Oil is heading back up-good sign that the world is starting to grow again. #
  • Fed survey: economy deteriorated in Jan., Feb. More breaking news from the crack research staff at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. #
  • UBS official: bank not giving names of US clients. Victory for privacy. #
  • W.Va. labor unions urge consumers to buy American. As free trader I have no prob when cons DECIDE to buy Amer goods, just not REQ to do so. #
  • States with highest unempl rates. Mich 10.2%, RI 10.3%, SC 8.8%, Cal 10.1%, Nev 8.4%. Need to help people start their own businesses there! #
  • Stimulus plan alone won’t save Michigan’s economy. You can say that again. Only energy of Michigan’s people can help Mich econ. #
  • ND hires consultant to recruit wind business. Who wants to hazard a guess about where the money is coming from to pay the ‘consultant’. $$ #
  • Dateline Washington PodCast. Dr. John Rutledge on the Markets, the Obama Economic Plan and More $$ #

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