John Rutledge Twitter Posts on 2009-03-05

John Rutledge Twitter Posts on 2009-03-05

March 5, 2009 0 Comments
  • The 91-day t bill rate, rose by 1396 basis points in Q3 to 24.58%–in Ghana. Just knew you were dying to know that. #
  • “There Is No Deflation Threat In Europe” – Jean Claude Trichet … What an idiot. #
  • @jonnytheheat Thanks for the great article on the precarious Austrian banking system. in reply to jonnytheheat #
  • @gmlogmd Kevin. Absolutely right. China and India are dominatinbg global growth. Europe is a pleasant museum with good wine. US next? in reply to gmlogmd #
  • Senior North Korean and UN military officials met today for the first time in nearly seven years. (small movement in the right direction) #
  • Oped in India calling for govt to get spending under control. (deficit 10% of GDP, smaller than ours). #
  • Administration’s budget expects to raise $646 billion in “climate revenue” by 2020. IThis will raise the price on everything people consume. #
  • Good article in today’s IndiaTimes on India’s GDP growth. Very important to keep growth there strong to reduce poverty. #
  • India Q3 GDP growth (Oct-Dec 2008; they call it Q3 in India. Don’t ask why) 5.3%, service sector (57% of GDP) 9.8%, agriculture -2.2%. #
  • Canada’s Q4 2008 GDP contracted at the fastest rate since 1991, falling at a 3.4% q/q annualized rate. (About half as bad as US) #
  • Japan May Launch Interceptors to Counter North Korean Missile Test. Not so good. #
  • US says envoy has ‘substantive’ talks with China on NKorea. A little movement in the right direction. #
  • Q4 Swiss GDP contracted by only 0.3%. #
  • France’s budget deficit will swell to 5.6 percent of gross domestic product in 2009–about half of ours. #
  • ECB will cut its benchmark interest rate 50 basis points tomorrow, to 1.50%, the lowest level in the EMU’s 10-year history. Go ECB. #
  • I will do a live Fox Business spot 4PM EST tomorrow. Topic will be my visit to North Korea last week. #
  • The economic crisis is NOT just in the US. Feb global manufacturing PMI chart. #
  • @tgiovanetti Tom, that’s where I pulled it from. Gonna post your piece on my blog with a l ink. in reply to tgiovanetti #
  • @steveweber and they called it a strategy I bet. in reply to steveweber #
  • @Mike_in_Bama Every day, Mike. in reply to Mike_in_Bama #
  • U.K.’s Brown Urges Global Supervision of Banks. By those same guys at the UN who managed the oil for food program? I don’t think so. #
  • France, Germany seek new steps against tax havens. Flash-Germany’s gestapo tax collectors made sure hasn’t been a tax haven for a long time. #
  • Wall Street Journal headline “Geithner Warns About Deficits”. Are they kidding? #
  • NBA’s Timberwolves to slash season ticket prices. Smart move. Businesses today should do everything in their power to avoid raising prices. #
  • JFK 1963, “largest single barrier to full empl and higher growth is the drag of fed income taxes on purch power, initiative and incentive.” #

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