John Rutledge Twitter Posts on 2009-03-07

John Rutledge Twitter Posts on 2009-03-07

March 7, 2009 0 Comments
  • Worth doing. Petition from Sunlight Foundation to require Congress to post bill 72 hrs before voting and to READ IT. #
  • One in 8 U.S. homeowners late paying or in foreclosure. (Was more than 50% in 1930s) #
  • GM auditors raise doubt on viability. The company, and the industry, will be much healthier after a bankruptcy/reorg. #
  • HEadline. Consumer spending cutbacks hurting economy. DUH! #
  • States and municipalities are just beginning to see the impact of falling jobs and home prices on tax revenues. Be careful with Munis. #
  • Apple, Qualcomm Skip Layoffs. This is wise strategy for a company whose future profitability depends on knowledge. #
  • Cavalli-Sforze did research showing that during plagues organisms regularly attacked by pathogens mutate 3x faster than one not attacked. #
  • Bet small (agile?) companies are more likely to survive the current mass extinction of banks and businesses too. #
  • Geology-The fossil record shows that, at least in the marine realm, unusually small taxa predominate in the aftermath of mass extinctions. #
  • Talent war in China fund management industry. In China Hedge Fund Weekly. There is a serious and growing shortage of trained finance people. #
  • Ever wonder where the stimulus money is going? U.S. BUDGET: Amid the Gloom, Researchers Prepare for Boom in Funding. #
  • FDIC’s Bair agrees to trim new bank fees. I am all for affordable deposit insurance fees ($290K per $10M too high) #
  • An Entrepreneur Stimulus Plan. Great Forbes article on the work of the Kauffman Foundation on entrepreneurship. #
  • Companies bailed out by America’s government have lost half their value in 2009. Hmmm. Think there is a connection? #
  • Interesting Forbes article on companies with secure dividends. I think div very important , would add VZ) JNJ, PFE. #
  • Treas sec’s choice for deputy withdraws. Another one bites the dust. I’m grateful Pres O appoints people believe in paying less to the govt #
  • Revised Labor Department figures, employers cut 681,000 jobs in December, 655,000 more in January and est. 651,000 jobs in February. #
  • Tourist-dependent Nevada seeks new tax solutions. Careful guys! If you get too clever and add an income tax the place will be a ghost town. #
  • Marriott spent $330K lobbying government in 4Q. Stimulus money to provide bibles in BOTH nightstands? #
  • will be on Forbes on Fox tomorrow (Sat) at 11AM EST. Topics include stock market and the proposed union card checkoff legislation. #
  • watch our Fox Bus show for people who want to start their own businesses Sat. 1-2PM EST. live call-ins, emails and twitters from viewers. #
  • I will speak next Wednesday at UC Berkeley School of Information afternoon followed by a talk at International House #

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