America Does Not Have a Monopoly on Entrepreneurs

America Does Not Have a Monopoly on Entrepreneurs

(May 16, 2009) In spite of what many people think, entrepreneurs don’t only happen in America. They happen everywhere people want to build a better life—in China, in India, in Colombia and in Brazil. And as I keep reporting week after week from our Fox Business Saturday show, there are tons of entrepreneurs in America too. Entrepreneurs are the source of the energy that makes the world grow and keeps living standards rising.

America is the richest, freest country in the world. We need to make sure we nurture and grow entrepreneurs and small businesses in America if we want to stay that way. That’s why I make such loud noises on TV when politicians do thing–taxes, regulations, mandates–to make it harder for people to start and grow businesses.

I Just received an email from my good friend Ed Hotard who is in China this week. Ed divides his time between Beijing and  Houston–his travel schedule makes me look like a homebody.

Ed is in Kunming participating in the Annual Entrepreneur Forum to make a speech on how entrepreneurs are dealing with the financial crisis and to discuss policy actions China can take to help people start and grow businesses. Ed wrote to tell me there are 1200 entrepreneurs at the meeting, from CEOs of start-ups to Liu of Lenovo and Zhang Ruimin of Haier. Ed says the energy in the room is extraordinary.


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