John's Twitters for 2009-10-18

John's Twitters for 2009-10-18

October 18, 2009 , , 0 Comments
  • Strong growth in china is pushing oil prices higher. Oil prices rise to 12-month high above $78 #
  • U.S. budget deficit hits record $1.4 trillion. 10% of total U.S. econ output, the biggest since World War Two. #
  • September deficit came in at $46.6 — the first time EVER the UShas had 12 consecutive months of budget red ink. (Health care still to come) #
  • Investors searching for income have put $200B into bond funds this year. Big mistake. Bonds more risky than stocks at today's rate levels. #
  • Junk-Bond Returns Leap 50% This Year. Spent week reviewing global invest opps with large Gulf investor. Interesting (12-15%) opps in CMBS. #
  • @kathylns Thanks K I will take a look. JR in reply to kathylns #
  • Cnooc Is In Talks with Norway's StatoilHydro For Leases In U.S. Gulf. I own bunch of Statoil (STO), like the company. #
  • Gonna see a lot more Chinese cos (CNOOC) buying energy and mineral assets around world. One reason I own coal stocks (BHP) today. #
  • TIPS market underestimating 10 yr inflation at 1.75%. That's why I own (TIP) and (WIP). #
  • As emerging market economies grow, their underdeveloped capital markets (and equity values) will grow even faster. #
  • For those who think the real estate crisis has only happened in the US. #
  • Check out these 2 charts. Gulf investor portfolios to quadruple next 10 yrs to $8T . #
  • Very cool interactive graphic showing oil demand next 10 yrs. (+30%, incr all emerging economies) #
  • @CreateCapital hi Scott. Never get sick of Maui. But work to do in Geneva getting a new hedge fund off the ground. Colder than heck here. in reply to CreateCapital #
  • #investors #investing #stocks For those who think the real estate crisis has only happened in the US. #
  • @StewartCook Dr. John, re inflation. Where are you putting your money? Here you go Stewart. Copper (FCX), coal (BHP), oil (STO), TIP, WIP. #
  • @StewartCook I know you're probably a busy man, Dr. John, but I'd really like to see you tweet more. Thanks Stewart, will try my best. JR #

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