CGU Lecture: Far From Equilibrium Economics

CGU Lecture: Far From Equilibrium Economics

March 2, 2012 1 Comment

Dr. John Rutledge “Tuesday Lunch Series” 2-14-12 from CGU School of Politics & Economics on Vimeo.


Pamela Rutledge

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  1. Paul Maher

    December 24, 2013

    Hello Friend, Right off the top I've got to tell you that I am not an Economist. Perhaps that what I should have studied. I have a question for you, and I can see where you might be able to make sense of something that I have wrestled with.

    I advocate for several new energy paradigms, the adoption of which would be most beneficial for the world in many aspects. The oil and nuclear power industries and our own DOE seem to stand in the way.

    My only hope is that good men will buck the odds and manufacture some of these marvels from the world of Condensed Matter Physics. What are the economic odds that any of the following technologies will get a shot at the 3 Trillion dollar energy market in this country?

    Please consider the following

    Greetings to the members of your Camp,
    Just the other day I came to be aware of the "Iron/Stainless Ring" crowd. I was overcome with hope when I heard of you folks. My high schools motto was "do the right thing". So finding an Engineering Association that aims at that same sentiment really spoke to me.
    Therefore I making this appeal to all 25 of your "Camps". If any of your members is moved by what I have to say, I will be blessed indeed. Thank You, Here it is.

    Hello Friend, I'll get right to it. It took me a while to realize that if there was a particular group of folks that needed to be brought up to date on what is going on in the world of "condensed matter physics", it is those folks wearing an "Iron Ring" I advocate for several new energy production paradigms. There are at least 9 new technologies on the rise that have the oil companies very nervous. There are lots of patents, and there are several Open Source devices as well. Here's a list with a brief description of each of 9 of them. Dennis Bushnell of NASA's Langley Research Center has said that "it is a broad spectrum phenomenon", and Oh Boy, is it ever!! Is he wearing an "Iron Ring"?
    1. Cold Fusion, also known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions, Controlled Electron Capture Reaction. These technologies are all about forcing Hydrogen or Deuterium atoms into the crystal lattice of a metal such as Nickel. Once the crystal lattice of the metal nanopowder has been sufficently saturated with Hydrogen excess heat is generated. This is not hard to see, as everything is still vibrating, but now all the atoms are in much closer proximity than before. The quanta mechanical explanations are not 100 % understood, but there are several companies and government offices that have operational devices. Good bye oil. Google LENR, NASA, Zawodny, and Bushnell. NASA loves it.
    2. Dense Plasma Focus goes something like this. Two cylindrical electrodes are enclosed in a glass tube. One is slipped inside the other. The tube is then filled with Boron gas and high voltage is applied to the electrodes. A plasma is then produced and pulsed by a strong magnetic field. As this pulsing is increased and focused the plasmoids begin to ball up on one another. As pulsing continues a beam of electrons emanates from one end of the tube and a beam of protons from the other, with extremely high amounts of energy being produced. Google Charles Chase, Skunk Works, and Dense Plasma Focus
    3. Catalyzed Hydrogen is what will replace Electrolysis. Molybdenum Sulfide is but one of the substances that will trim the Hydrogen right off the water molecule with no energy being expended, releasing it to power a fuel cell and generate electricity directly.
    4. Graphene is essentially one atom thick layers of Carbon alternated between layers of insulation, such as mylar. When you get a bunch of these layers stacked up and attach an electroes to the top and bottom of the stack you have created a capacitor of another color. Extremely high values of capacitance can be arrived at. 3000 farads is what I have seen advertised. This material can be used as a capacitor, a spectacular new form of battery, or configured as an extremely efficient solar cell.
    5. Zero Point Energy/Energy of the Vacuum used to be a little far out for me, but now I think I've got a cursory handle on it. The process on a Quantum level is much like the process that produces Ball Lightening when tectonic plates shift causing an earth quake and occasionallly something called Ball Lightening. Only in Zero Point it is what happens when an Orthorhombic plane from another dimension intersects our dimension and causes a disruption, releasing energy. Google Moray B. King
    6. Acoustic Cavitation/Bubble Fusion. I am not sure at all how to say anything about this, but there is a great deal published about the possibility of deriving energy using this phenomenon.
    7. Muon catalyzed Fusion another flavor of Cold Fusion.
    When you take into account the amount of money that is spent in the US annually, approximately $3.04 Trillion dollars. That is 95 Quads at an equivalent of 8 Billion gallons of gas per Quad, it is easy to see how much resistance the oil companies and the Nuclear power folks might muster.
    9. Thermionic Power Generation, I heard about this just the other day. It may be that this technology will be a prime player. The devices turn heat from the sun, or anything else directly into electricity, instead of using light as photovoltaic solar cells do.

    Much of this may be new to you. I understand that, but please consider these things.

    Paul D. Maher

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