John’s Twitters on 2012-04-27


  • The problem in Europe is not the financial crisis, it is the public sector unions and the labor markets. 22% youth unemployment rate! #
  • German unemployment 'only' 5.7%; France 10%. It's the welfare state. #
  • States with 0% income tax 58% more pop growth than nat'l ave. Great article from friends Art Laffer, Steve Moore. #
  • US, Ger can still fix debt problem. Italy, Spain, too late. #
  • Germany cut corporate tax rate from 45% to 15% in 1998. We need to do the same. #
  • March dur goods orders -4.2%, -1.1% excl transportation. Initial claims today 388K, growth positive but still slow. Don't hold your breath. #
  • Socialist Hollande leading Sarkozy by 6-12% for 2nd round Pres election May 6. Will push french policy even further to left, weaken Euro. #
  • Probability Sarkozy will be President in 1 month < 20%. #
  • #
  • OK, this is just a cool article. Evolutionary Trade-Offs, Pareto Optimality, and the Geometry of Phenotype Space #
  • Really? No Signs of Contagion in Europe: Expert @CNBCtopStories #AsiaSquawkBox #

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