Road Warrior

Lessons from a Road Warrior

How I fell off a horse, earned 15 million air miles, got sand in my shoes and learned how to invest

For 35 years, Dr. John Rutledge has traveled the world advising governments, corporations, pension funds and individual investors on how to create, grow and manage wealth.

In Lessons from a Road Warrior, Dr. Rutledge traces the development of his ideas from his boyhood lessons in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, to his easy-to-understand thermo-economics framework for investing that shapes the way he sees the world today. He uses this thermodynamics-based framework to help the reader understand the important economic, financial and political forces that shape our lives and determine the value of our homes and stock portfolios.




Writing this book has been a very good experience for me. In reviewing my intellectual journey, I was able to revisit all of the family, friends and mentors I have learned from in my life. What a generous and extraordinary group of people! You will get to know many of them—Mom, Dad, Tom, Jessica, Manda, John, Katie, Elizabeth, Grandma Flora, Uncle Bill, Nurse Evans, Jerry, Bake, Chris, Deborah, Pamela, Larry, Charlie, Jack, Joe, Nick, Art, Bob, and many others—as you read through the book. Some have Nobel prizes; some have eighth-grade educations. All have great wisdom and strong character. This book contains the lessons I learned from all of them.

Thanks to them, I have the coolest job in the world. I live in the freest, richest country on the planet. I get to go anywhere I want around the globe, any time I want, to explore the things that make me curious. I get to talk with the most interesting people alive about strange and wonderful ideas. I get to meddle in the policies of nations, in the strategies of companies large and small, and in the allocation of massive portfolios. I get to invest large amounts of money in public and private equities. I get to talk to millions of people on TV every week about the things I care about. I don’t have to wear a tie. I don’t have to lift anything heavy. And some days I get to walk on the beach.

This is really cool.

– JR



Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Economics and Investing
Chapter 3: Tangible Assets
Chapter 4: Budget Deficits
Chapter 5: Private Equity
Chapter 6: Thermo-Economics
Chapter 7: Network Failures and the Information Economy
Chapter 8: Competing for Capital
Chapter 9: The Neuroscience of Fear
Chapter 10: Conclusion


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