U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Discovery Institute
The Discovery Institute’s mission is to “make a positive vision of the future practical” by promoting ideas that are rooted in common sense, such as representative government, the free market and individual liberty. They pursue this mission from many angles, including books, reports, legislative testimony, articles, public conferences and debates, media coverage, and their own website and blogs. See their Technology & Democracy Project’s blog , Disco-Tech, to read about telecom deregulation, technology’s impacts on the economy and commentary from my friend Bret Swanson at

Kairos, Inc
Kairos is an investment and advisory firm headed by two very smart people, Russell Redenbaugh and Natalia Davis, with a big picture, pro-capital framework. For their current commentary on markets, investments and politics, see their blog Reading the World at

Hawaii Reporter
The Hawaii Reporter is Hawaii’s leading investigative newspaper reporting on business, community, and government affairs. Headed by the fearless Malia Zimmerman, the Hawaii Reporter takes on tough issues, like government corruption, overzealous regulation, and substandard public education, that Hawaii’s needs to address to grow and prosper.

The CapAnalysis Group LLC

The Cato Institute
The Cato Institute publishes research and opinion pieces to advance individual liberty, free enterprise and consitutionally limited government. They cover a variety of issues, including Budget and Taxes, Civil Rights, Health Care, Government and Politics, and Tech, Telecom and the Internet.

New Millennium Research Council
The New Millennium Research Council (NMRC) develops and promotes workable, real-world solutions to the issues and challenges confronting policy makers.

The Discovery Institute

Pacific Research Institute
The Pacific Research Institute (PRI) is a free-market think tank providing free-market policy solutions for the issues that impact the daily lives of all individuals. They champion freedom, opportunity, and personal responsibility.

Washington Policy Center
Washington state public policy center that provides analysis on government regulation and free markets.

Progress and Freedom Foundation
The Progress & Freedom Foundation is a market-oriented think tank that studies the digital revolution and its implications for public policy. Its mission is to educate policymakers, opinion leaders and the public about issues associated with technological change, based on a philosophy of limited government, free markets and individual sovereignty.

Santa Fe Institute
The Santa Fe Institute is a multidisciplinary research and education center. SFI has devoted itself to creating a new kind of scientific research community, pursuing emerging science.



Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Great source for quality economic data.

Bank Business Loans

Bureau of Labor Statistics



The and, Inc. is a registered investment advisor and provides independent investment commentary, advice, research and news. is a subscription-based website while is free.

Forbes Magazine

Kudlow & Company

BV Group
The BV Group is an international merchant banking and asset management firm. The Group invests its own capital alongside that of its shareholders in several asset classes, including real estate, hedge funds, and private equity, primarily within the United States and Europe.

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