Published Articles

Asian Energy Security and the Middle East
Chinese Academy of Sciences
April 4, 2007

Capitalism is Alive and Well in China
October 4, 2006
A version of this story appeared in the Wall Street Journal Asia

Let General Motors Fade Away, Alone
March 17, 2005

It’s Time For Alabama to Take a Stand on Growth
February 25, 2005

The Real Reaganomics
June 11, 2004

The Reagan Plan: Why Deficits Didn’t Matter
CNBC Interview, June 7, 2004

The Productivity Boom is Only Just Beginning
Investor’s Business Daily (pdf file)
May 18 , 2004

Productivity Growth
May 6, 2004

Existing Home Sales Not All They Seem
January 26, 2004

Oklahoma Growth Magnet
February 1, 2004
This article appeared as an editorial in The Oklahoman

Saddam’s Trillion Dollar Rabbit Hole
December 18, 2003

How Can We Rekindle Growth?
December 18, 2003

Small business manifesto: Let my people grow
Seattle Intelligencer
October 12, 2003

Unleash Growth–Deregulate Telecom Now
September 28, 2003

Defeasance or Malfeasance? The Latest Wall Street Craze
June 23, 2003

No, Mr. Jenkins, The End Does Not Justify the Means
June 8, 2003

Forget The Sunset; The Tax Cut’s Here to Stay
May 3, 2003

Forrest Gump On Rebuilding Iraq
May 7,2003

Forced Access
April 30, 2003

Bush’s Tax Plan Could Make The Dow 10,000
April 4, 2003

Keep Watching for the Curve Ball
April 1, 2003

Don’t Miss The Rebound
March 28, 2003

Snails, Downward Bubbles and Intrinsic Value
March 27, 2003

Get Ready For The Turn
March 11, 2003

The One-Sided Oil Market
March 6, 2003

Value Investors Love Chaos
March 3, 2003

Buy On The Dips
February 28, 2003

Fed Up with the Fed
February 13, 2003

Dividend Dogs And Darlings
January 8, 2003

How the Dividend Tax Cut Will Work
January 4, 2003

Supply-Side Balance Sheet Economics
Supply-Side Thermo-Economics

June 19, 2002

Budget Deficits, Net Worth, and Interest Rates
May 6, 2002

How do Budget Deficits Affect Interest Rates?
April 18, 2002

Secondary Markets and the Tech Rebound
April 15, 2002

Tracking Value
March 12, 2002
Co-authored with Dr. Deborah Allen Hewitt and Dr. Paul Davis

They Still Don’t Get It: Growth Verboten
January 24, 2002

Net Partnering for Small Businesses
August 2000

Living With the Net
August 21, 2000

Northern Ireland Economy
Business Connection, August 2000

Why Reagan Created the Technology Boom
April 24, 2000

Technology Stocks and Interest Rates
April 21, 2000

Build-ups sind der letzte Schrei im privaten Anlagevermögen
The Frankfurter Allgemeine Dienstag
April 18, 2000

It’s the Pony, Stupid!
March 16, 2000

The Real Technology Boom
February 21, 2000

The Internet Raises Growth Rates
November 15, 1999

The Internet and Interest Rates
November 15, 1999

Gleaning for Dollars
September 20, 1999

Duct tape corporations
September 20, 1999

The Maturing of the Fitness Industry
May 12, 1999

My Virtual Daughter,
May 12, 1999

How to protect brand value
November 30, 1998

Kidnapped by K-Mart
October 27, 1998

One Man’s Poison
September 7, 1998

A Scam and its Victims
March 23, 1998

Long Distance Capital Management
December 16, 1997

Brand-name Buildup
December 1, 1997

Preparing For a Career in Business
November 3, 1997

The New Prospectors
October 13, 1997

Don’t Headhunt Without a Guide
September 8, 1997

A Job I Never Wanted
July 28, 1997

The Road to Marrakech
June 16, 1997

Calluses, Not Cum Laudes
June 2, 1997

May 19, 1997

Boy, Do I Have a Smart Son
April 21, 1997

You’re a Fool If You Buy Into This
April 7, 1997

Teaching Things That Really Matter
March 10, 1997

Owner’s Manual For Business
January 27, 1997

The Portrait on my Office Wall
December 30, 1996

Management by Belly Button
November 4, 1996

Why a stock is like a bond
September 26, 1994

Making Managers Think Like Owners
September 26, 1994

Voter Beware The Delusions of Clintonomics
October 28, 1992

To Revive the Economy, Boost Land Prices
October 15, 1991

Strangling the Economy
October 18, 1990

The Tax Bill’s Deflationary Impact
August 20, 1986

Why Interest Rates Will Fall in 1982
Wall Street Journal
December 14, 1981

Research Studies & Commentary

What’s Next in the Telecommunications Industry: The Implications of Clayton Christensen’s book, The Innovator’s Dilemma
Response to Clayton M. Christensen’s remarks by State of Missouri Public Utilities Commissioner Connie Murray
National Press Club, Washington, D.C.
March 9, 2005

Telecom Reform Will Add Jobs and Stimulate the Economy
October 6, 2004
Dr. John Rutledge, Dr. Deborah Allen, Thomas Hazlett, and Coleman Bazelon

Dr. John Rutledge on The Reagan Plan and Why Deficits Don’t Matter
June 11, 2004

Dr. John Rutledge on Rebuilding Iraq and Oil Prices
June 2, 2004

Growth Centers on Telecom
Telecommunications Industry Association Growth Estimates


Taxing High-Speed Services: A Quantification of the Effects on the DSL Industry and Universal Service
By Steven Pociask, TeleNomic Research published by New Millennium Research Council
April 28, 2004


Oklahoma Turns Up the Pressure for Growth
Editorial, Tulsa World
February 16, 2004

Oklahoma proves their pioneer spirit by taking steps to deregulate retail telecom pricing. Do other states have the guts to steal the ball from the ineffective FCC?
Editorial, The Oklahoman
February 13, 2004

Markets and monopolies
Richard W. Rahn
January 9, 2004

Preventing a Communications Blackout: The Need for Telecom Redundancy
Randolph J. May
December 8, 2003

The Effect of Ubiquitous Broadband Absorption on Investment, Jobs and the US Economy
Robert Crandall, Charles L. Jackson and Hal J. Singer
October 2003


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