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Tomorrow's Jobs Report Will be Weak: Bank Loans to Businesses Still Falling.

The latest business loans numbers show that bank loans to businesses are still falling. As I have written in recent posts here and here, large…

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Currency Holdings Have Stopped Rising-Good Sign for Spending

The amount of currency people hold in their pockets and under their mattresses is the single best indicator of the level of fear on main…

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Bank Loans to Businesses Still Falling Means Weak Jobs Report Next Week.

The new U.S. Financial Data report out today from the St. Louis Fed shows that bank loans to business are still falling. This fits what…

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Weekly Unemployment Claims +631K. Still No Bank Loans for Small Companies.

About like it has been (4 week average is 628K, originally reported as 631K). Economy is starting to firm up a bit but the job…

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Currency Holdings Show Fear is Subsiding

I wrote a few days ago that the amount of currency held by the public is a very good measure of the public’s level of…

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Chart Story. Prices are Falling-So Why are Interest Rates Rising?

Last week we had reports on both producer prices (PPI) and consumer prices (CPI) for April. The headlines were about flat and falling prices. So…

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