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Tomorrow's Jobs Report Will be Weak: Bank Loans to Businesses Still Falling.

The latest business loans numbers show that bank loans to businesses are still falling. As I have written in recent posts here and here, large…

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How Much of the Stimulus Money has Already Been Spent?

One of the (many) problems with using big increases in federal government spending as an economic stimulus tool is timing. You can’t appropriate and spend…

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Bank Loans to Businesses Still Falling Means Weak Jobs Report Next Week.

The new U.S. Financial Data report out today from the St. Louis Fed shows that bank loans to business are still falling. This fits what…

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Jobs, Pay Caps. Topics from Money for Breakfast Show

(May 16, 2009) Yesterday I woke up a lot earlier than I like (that would be noon) to do the Fox Business 8AM Money for…

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